Romanian student invents airplane that never needs to land

A student from the Electric Engineering university in Craiova has built an autonomous airplane that can fly without stopping.

Arthur Cretu, from Chisinau, has been working on the airplane as a part of his bachelor paper. He managed to build a plane that charges thanks to its solar batteries and for this reason it can fly without needing to land for refueling. The plane, which measures 4 metres will remain in the custody of the university and it will be used in surveillance missions. The plane is controlled just like a drone and it has a video camera.


According to digi TV, the student said that he worked hard to succeed in his project. It took him a year and the project cost him 5,000 lei and he managed to get his money from sponsorship deals. The plane’s engine is very quiet which makes it ideal for surveillance missions. It is assumed it can be used to investigate protected natural areas. His colleagues were impressed with his invention given the fact that Arthur has done all the project by himself, by designing the airplane, doing the calculations and building it. His colleagues were especially impressed by the way he built the wings.

A similar airplane experiment was undertaken in Switzerland in 2009 by Swiss engineer Andre Borschberg.









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