Horia Colibasanu climbs the Everest without supplementary oxygen

Romanian Horia Colibasanu has managed to reach the Everest peak ( 8.848m ) without supplementary oxygen and without the help of Sherpa.

The alpinist said that it was very hard and very cold. It took him 12 hours to climb the peak and for a while, he climbed in parallel with the sherpas who were organizing the cords for the 2017 climbing season. Horia has decided to climb further in order to avoid crowding and to avoid spending time at this height in case of bad weather.

Colibasanu has so far climbed 7 mountain peaks that measure over 8,000 metres in height: Annapurna, K2 and Dhaulagiri, K2, which is 8611 metres, Manaslu, which is 8.163, Dhaulagiri 8,167 metres, Shishapangma, 8027 metres and Makalu, 8463 metres and Lhtose which is 8516 metres. He has climbed without suplimentary oxygen in Pakistan at over 8.611 metres in 2004. Horia wishes to climb all 14 peaks that measure over 8,000 metres. It was considered at the time the best performance of a Romanian alpinist. Horia Colibasanu is also the only Romanian alpinist to receive the Spirit of Mountaineering distinction.










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