Information Fair for the Romanian community to be organized in Munich

The Romanian-German society for integration and immigration is organizing the First Edition of the Information Fair for Romanians in Munich in June 2017.

The fair provides many opportunities for Romanian individuals to apply to different jobs in Germany. The Piticot Romanian language school will also be present at the fair. The school was founded to help the Romanian community preserve their language. As well, the Traditional dances ensemble will be present in Munich.

The Association usually helps coordinate many projects that help Romanians in Germany to solve bureaucratic problems regarding working and living in Germany.

The organizer of the fair is Mariana Daina who has worked in the financial field for 10 years together with her husband. They decided to help Romanians integrate in the community by helping them open bank accounts, provide documentation for financial credit, consultancy in personal protection insurance, auto insurance.

The association is trying to unite the Romanian community and to help them at the same time through offering useful information. As well, they are hoping to help Romanians integrate easier in the German community because according to the Romanian Newspaper in Germany, Romanians get a lot of negative letters from the government.










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