Romanian student invents anticancer candy

A Romanian student at the Veterinary Medicine and Agricultural Sciences in Cluj-Napoca has invented a special type of candy that has an anti-cancer effect.

Her name is Ioana Oprea and she said that if people ate these candy instead of normal candy they will prevent the disease. The candy was called Candy Shield and contains natural plants which are beneficial for health because due to its content it provides the body long term immunity.

She said that the Candy Shield are healthy and they do not contain sugar but a natural sweetener made of stevia, blueberry powder, and turmeric. She said she chose the blueberries and turmeric because they have strong antioxidant properties and they are hepatoprotection.

She also added that there is research that shows that turmeric destroys cancers and stops cancer cells from developing. She said these foods should be introduced into everyday consumption as they can prevent tumors, hepatitis, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Ioana Oprea said that the candy can be eaten by children and adults.




source: actualdecluj






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