Romania wins two gold medals and a silver medal at the European Rowing Championships

Romania has won the gold medal at the European Rowing Championships in Czeck Republic. The team is formed of Ioana Vrinceanu, Viviana Bejinariu, Mihaela Petrila, Denisa Tilvescu, Madalina Beres, Iuliana Popa, Adelina Bogus, Laura Oprea, Daniela Druncea.

The girls have won the competition with a score of 06 minutes, 10 seconds 350/1000. The second place was secured by a team from Netherlands which performed in 06 minutes, 12 seconds and 860/1000. The third place was won by Russia with 06 minutes, 16 seconds and 050/1000.

Romania has so far won four medals in this competition: three gold medals and a silver one. The gold medals were won on Saturday by Cristina Popescu, Alina Elena Pop, Beatrice Parfenie and Georgiana Parascanu and on Sunday by Madalina Beres and Laura Oprea. The silver was secured by the male team, formed of Cristian Ivascu, Vlad Dragos Aicoboae, Marius Vasile Cozmiuc and Ciprian Tudosa.

This year Romania has participated with 10 teams in the competition.








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