Bigar waterfall to become accessible to tourists thanks to new tourist path

Bigar waterfall has become famous worldwide thanks to thousands of social media posts that praise its beauty. For example, the waterfall was listed by as one of the most unique waterfalls from around the world.

Now tourists will be able to visit the waterfall, as a tourist path was set up recently. The waterfall is located in Semenic mountains, between Nera Gorges and Caras gorges. More specific, the waterfall can be found in the Bigar Reservation.

The tourist path consists of a road that goes from the entrance to the park and then leads to a platform that goes to the base of the waterfall. Another tourist path will also be set up to lead to Bigar cave. According to Agerpres, the mayor of the Bozovici commune said

After the waterfall was declared by a site as being the most beautiful, an increasing number of tourists started to come here, and the expectations were higher each time. We have some promises from the Tourism Ministry for a certain amount a money, to be able to use it to lengthen the platform all the way to the parking, to refurbish the parking, to add a toilet, which is missing at the moment and it is very needed.








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