Largest flash mob performed in Romania by 1500 children

1,500 children have formed the largest flash mob in Romania on June 1st. The mob was created to celebrated International Children’s Day. The children managed to form a tricoloured giant heart.

The children danced an interpretation of Theotokos Children’s Choir, for which children prepared for over a month.

After finishing the dance, the children put red, yellow and blue hats on their heads and then they formed a heart. At the end they released red helium baloons.

All children who participated in the flash mob belong to educational centres and social settlements from Alba Iulia. The children were helped by student volunteers from the Mihai Viteazul Military College from Alba Iulia and the Intitiative Group of Young People from the Alba Iulia Archpriestship.



The children were invited after the event to a carnival.


photos by Ionut Vaidean

source info- agerpres








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