Alain Delon and Armand Assante to attend the Transylvania International Film Festival

Alain Delon and Armand Assante are among the top stars to be invited to this years’ Transylvania International Film Festival.

In the next ten days, several events will take place in Cluj-Napoca in 20 locations. This year the festival encourages visitors to use the hashtag #TIFFMoments on Instagram and the photos will also be shown on the big screens during the festival.

The festival opened on Friday, June 2nd with the movie King of the Belgians. Around 3200 people have watched the movie which was showcased on the largest screen to ever be set up in the history of the festival.

This is a record number of spectators and the organizers have also said that the numbers of tickets sold doubled compared to last year.

Cluj, Unirii market. Photo taken by Nicu Cherciu

The festival now has new sections and also events which are open to children, adults, older people and also special events were organized for people with sight difficulties. As stated before, Armand Assante will be present at the festival to celebrate 10 years since the movie California Dreamin’ was filmed. The movie was an American-Romanian production. The actor will be present at the event on June 7. As well, Alain Delon will be present at the Pigot Business movie projection.

Virtual reality section. Photo by Vlad Cupsa

Another interesting part of the festival is that viewers will be able to watch two movies which were shot in virtual reality- Povestea Iubirii ( The story of love) which was directed by Radu Mihaileanu and the movie InfiniTiff.


source: ilovecluj




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