Romanian woman becomes the first foreign Member of Parliament in Spain

More and more expat Romanians become active in their local communities. Recently, Anka Moldovan Feier has become the first foreign deputy ( or MP) of Madrid.  She has also become a member of the Popular Party in Spain.

Ms Feier was born in 1976 in Cluj-Napoca and has graduated from an Arts History degree in Madrid. She is an artist and she has become a specialist in Byzantine icons. However, she has also worked in Social Services and then she became involved in politics. While working for Social Services, she was very involved in the Romanian community and she has cared for their rights. Moreover, she has also worked in the immigration center in Alcala Henares. According to Cristina Cifuentes, the president of the Madrid Community, Anka Moldovan Feier has done an excellent job and she is considered a great asset for Spain. Anka Moldovan Feier has stated that she is proud to work for the Spanish citizens.

This has been proven by the fact that at the local elections in 2015 she was among the favorites on the list of popular candidates. Currently, the Romanian community in Madrid is at around 250,000 expats. According to Periodico El Rumano, Romanian language is the second most spoken language in the region. Romanians represent in fact around 23% of the total population.


source: periodicoelrumano







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