Romanian woman saves Italian police officer’s life

A Romanian woman has saved the life of an Italian man in Aosta, Italy. Gina Giorgiana Mustata, originally from Craiova city was working as a bartender at the Romae bar in via Aubert, Aosta on Friday, June 2nd when an Italian man entered the bar.

After ordering a cup of coffee, the man, who works is a retired police officer, immediately became unconscious and fell to the ground. The fall caused the man a bleeding to the head which blocked his airways.

Ms Mustata moved fast to help the man. According to the woman has a diploma in medical nursing which she gained it in Romania.

She said that she could not feel his pulse anymore and he was getting purple in the face. For her, it was obvious that the man suffered a heart attack. While the ambulance was on its way, the woman started doing CPR and cardiac massage. Luckily, the man started to recover, although he was still extremely weak. Another Italian nurse has jumped to help Ms Mustata and together they managed to free the man’s airways and stop the bleeding.

The ambulance came and the man was saved and is currently under recovery, however, he does not remember anything about the incident.

According to, Gia Giorgiana Mustata has worked previously as a nurse in an intensive therapy hospital in Craiova. She also currently has managed to get a professional certificate for nursing in Italy, however, she could not find work and this is why she was working as a bartender.








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