“Romania has an incredible culture”- Armand Assante at Transylvania Film Festival

American actor Armand Assante was invited as a special guest at the Transylvania International Film Festival. During the festival, he was interviewed at the TIFF Lounge where he talked about how the festival and the city has changed.

The actor has also played in a Romanian movie, called California Dreamin, which was directed by Cristian Nemescu. Although the movie was filmed 10 years ago, the actor is still fond of Romania and Romanians. He stated that he is obsessed with Italian neorealism and the director of the movie has managed to transcribe the Romanian neorealism. Armand Assante also considers that Romanians have a Mediterranean spirit. He said


I am impressed with the professionalism of Romanian movie production companies. I have worked twice with very professional and talented people. I came back to Cluj after ten years and I have noticed how much the festival has grown and how much the city developed. I don’t know any details, but clearly, somebody is investing seriously here.



The actor also said that he read Romanian philosopher Emil Cioran’s books and that he is fascinated with his way of thinking. He said that from a historical and political point of view he does not know many things about Romania but he noted that if people live under oppression for many years, they become magnificent. The actor added

Romania has an incredible movie culture and an amazing history and culture and I believe Cluj and the Transylvania Film Festival’s purpose is to promote Romanian artists.


source: transilvaniareporter.com



photo by wikipedia







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