An amazing priest raises 18 orphans together with his wife

A priest from Dolhasca, Suceava county is an adoptive father for 18 children. Gheorghe Saftiuc and his wife have been caring for the children since the 90’s, when they moved to Dolhasca.

According to Monitorul Suceava, the village did not have a priest house and the church was damaged. In four years the priest has managed to fix the church roof and the paintings. He also took care of the yard and put natural stone, a fence, a gate, and an alley.

After he fixed the church, the priest thought he needed to help the community and was interested in helping the poor ones. He thought of making a kitchen soup where the children could eat a warm meal. However, he realised that there were bigger problems in the community. Many children came from broke homes.

He did some investigation and found that he could use the old school building, which was in ruins. He set up a charity society and bought the school and then renovated it. Then he welcomed children from broken homes. At first, he brought in 6 orphan brothers.

In order to be able to maintain the orphan house, the priest set up a joiner’s workshop with the help of a charity from Germany. He started making furniture and with the money gathered from sales he built a bakery. Now the children learn how to work in a joiner’s workshop and in the bakery and the priest hopes that the skills learned will help them later in life. He indeed succeeded to help many of them, as one girl of the first generations of orphans who grew in the house is now working as a baker in Sweden.

The priest says that he cared for many children and some of them lived 10-12 years at the house. At the same time the priest always searched for their family members to help them. Some children are orphans and some come from broken homes.

At the orphans home the children have a family life. They go to school, do their homework in a study room, learn traditional dances, music, and classic dances, they go on trips and camping.

When they reach the age of 18 some of them move away, they get married and get jobs. For those, who cannot manage yet to move the priest has built a social building with 7 studios where they can live.

The priest has also helped a young man to build a house. The priest gave him a piece of land on his birthday and together they built the house. Now, the young man works at the bakery and hopes to raise a family in the house.

Amazingly, the priest has also built a dentist cabinet, an animal farm and he is helping to renovate a hospital.



source: monitorul suceava







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