The largest urban beach in Europe opens this weekend in Bucharest

A new urban beach is opening this weekend in Bucharest. The leisure centre will have 30,000 square metres of beach, 1,500 beach chairs, 600 palm trees and a tropical pool.

Additionally, visitors will be able to play football and volley and have a meal. The investment cost 5 million euros and now it places Bucharest amongst other European cities that have European beaches, such as Paris, Berlin and Lisbon.

However, the Bucharest beach is supposed to be the largest in Europe. The beach has fine sand and pools and it is located only 15 minutes from the city center. The center also has a capacity of 4,000 people and a surface of 34,000 square meters. Visitors can also enjoy the largest botanical garden in Romania, which is located nearby. The garden has over 800,000 plants.

The beach is called Sands of Therme and can be found at Therme Bucharest


The beach facebook page- Therme Bucuresti



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