You can now cruise on the Danube from Moldova Noua


If you are looking for something different to do this summer and you don’t feel like going to the beach or hiking in the mountains, there is a new way of enjoying your holiday. That is cruising on the Danube Delta.

Starting this summer, tourists can travel by boat from Moldova Noua, which is located in Caras-Severin county, in the south west of Romania.  The boat travels through an area called Clisura Dunarii, where you can see many different and unique species of wild birds and fish, not to mention you can admire breathtaking landscapes. The boat takes the route through Moldova Veche, Baba Kaja and Golubat Fortress.

There are also plans to organize cruises to Serbia this summer and it will cost only 11 euros per ticket.

The cruises take place in the weekend and take two hours. It costs only 8.7 euros for adults and 4.3 euros for children. The ship has a capacity of 50 seats.



source: romania insider








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