Meet the Romanian nuns who produce natural beauty products

Monasteries in Romania are always a joy to visit. They are peaceful and beautiful locations and we are used to their maintained and luscious gardens that nuns care for every day.

However, did you know that you can buy beauty products made by nuns? The nuns from Nera monastery in Locvei mountains have started to produce oils, soaps, and moisturizers from medicinal plants.

The plants are collected by themselves from the local area, which is the Nera valley and Banat Mountains. They create the beauty products using traditional recipes.

There are 40 nuns at the monastery and they live their lives growing medicinal plants, processing them and they also do beekeeping.

The nuns say that the monastery was also built with this idea in mind, that the nuns would produce natural beauty treatments. The other monastery, which is considered its sister monastery, called Christiana, was built with the purpose of caring for the ill.

The nuns have been producing the beauty products only from the year of 2009. The laboratory in which they work is called “ Saint Doctors without money”.

These products are completely natural and they go through a natural process of production. They are growing without pesticides or insecticides, then they are collected and dried by the nuns. Everything is done by hand, even the labeling.

The plants contain honey, oregano, lavender, apple, sage, basil, thyme, acacia and lime tree leaves.



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