Mihaela Vincent: the amazing Romanian woman at the centre of Abu Dhabi government’s events


We often hear about successful Romanians around the world, but we don’t often hear about Romanian women in the Middle East.

Recently, finesociety.ro interviewed a lovely Romanian woman who moved to the Emirates and became quite an important person in running many activities for the Abu Dhabi government. She is now responsible for managing the marketing and communication campaigns for all the international exhibits in the military field, as well as for the sea defense department and national security.

Her name is Mihaela Vincent and as the interview reveals, she is quite an unusual woman. Her personality transcends throughout the interview and you realize that all she managed to do is thanks to her hard work and her joyful, lovely personality.


But how did a Romanian woman become successful in the Middle East? Isn’t the Middle East known as a place where woman do not have the possibility to do much with their lives?


Mihaela Vincent revealed that actually, Middle East is not like it’s portrayed in the media. In fact, she stated that the Emirates society is very modern and very open to women working in leader positions. Many women are in lead positions in large companies. Moreover, the society is very complex ( 80 % of the population is formed of expats) and there are people from all over the world working together, regardless of religion, ethnicity or race.

As a woman working in the Arab world, she said that life, in fact, is not hard, that Arab men are in fact sensitive and very polite to women. Moreover, they always give priority to women speaking in meetings and they appreciate courageous women with personality.

Mihaela Vincent proved that life has no limits. She left Romania fifteen years ago, at the age of 30 after working for a while at the Hilton Bucharest hotel. This hotel has had many famous guests, such as Julio Iglesias, Claudia Schiffer, and Berlusconi.

She left the hotel to work in Kuwait at the Courtyard hotel by Marriott and then moved to Dubai at the Dusit Thani Hotel as a Sales Director Assistant. After that, she started working in the business sector for MICE. Her focus was to attract businesses to invest in the Emirates.

Then, she started organizing international conferences, such as the Leaders in Dubai conference that has had important guest speakers such as Richard Branson, Colin Powell, Rudolf Giuliani. From there she was headhunted for a job in coordinating all the events for the Abu Dhabi government.



source: finesociety.ro



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