A group of Romanians have invented the smart scooter

Romanians have invented an unusual scooter that starts by connecting it to a mobile phone.

The scooter was invented by Mihnea de Vries, who used to be a producer at the UTV and 7G studios, together with Ionut Predescu, industrial designer and George Poenaru, software engineer and Flavius Balaj.

The scooter starts like a classic non-engine scooter, by pushing it with the feet. This also establishes the speed. What is also interesting about it is that it does not have a contact key and it also does not have a speed gear. The scooter starts by connecting it to a mobile phone and it can reach up to 25 kilometers per hour. The mobile phone that is connected to it is able to show data about the scooter’s speed, battery and also information about the traffic. The data is saved in the Cloud. After the scooter stops, the wheels block automatically and if somebody moves the scooter, the mobile phone will send an alert to the mobile.

The scooter also has a GPS and it can be driven at least for 50 kilometers. The invention has impressed the judges at the Traian Vuia Inventions Exhibit in Timisoara and it has received the gold medal.










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