Flavia, the amazing seven year old girl who wins world chess championships

She is only 7 years old and she has managed to become a champion in chess. Flavia Maria Sida from Arad is already a world champion and a national champion.

The girl has won the first place at the Blitz category at the School World Championships of Chess and she has won the national championships twice already.

The girl has started the play chess at only the age of 5 and she has already over 50 trophies and medals. She has won all of them at national and international competitions.

She says that although she has won many competitions, it is not an easy game. This is because she meets very good players. In the game of chess you never meet weak players, she stated.


She started participating in competitions by accident. Her brother used to play in international competitions and in Hungary, she was encouraged to sign in in one. However, at the beginning, she lost all the games. Fortunately, she did not give up and she continued practicing and now she is a successful player.

Although she seems to be a good player, she still is nervous during the game. In order to keep her title, she prepares 3 times a week with different coaches.




source: digi24







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