Maria Todor spends 3 years sewing Eminescu’s poem on giant canvas

A woman from Cugir has managed to sew a 98 verse poem on a seven metres canvas.

Maria Todor has sewn the Luceafarul by Romanian national poet Mihai Eminescu out of love for the poet.

It took her three years to undertake this detailed work on a canvas made out of hemp. At 71 years old she can also recite all the 98 verses.
The woman lives in Cugir for 45 years and it is considered that what she did is worthy of the World Record Book. She worked on the canvas for three years, between 2014-2016.
She is also planning to sew on the same canvas several other poems, for which she kept a special space. She plans to sew “Hora Unirii” ( The Union Hora), Mioritabalad, proverbs, sayings, moral stories and also prayers. She is also planning to add illustrations that represent Brancusi’s works such as the Infinite Column and Sophrosyne and also Enescu’s violin and Car cu boi ( Carriage with oxes) painting by Grigorescu.
Maria Todor was asked why she undertook such a long project and she said that she always loved to read and she loved Eminescu. The idea came after reading Luceafarul. She used a canvas that was left by her grandmother. The canvas used to be actually proper sacks. She said that she needed to calculate how to use the verses to fit the canvas. She also said that during her long project, she loved every minute of it.
source: unirea





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