Romanian movie wins Grand Prix award at international movie festival

Romanian movie ” The Fixer” has won the Grand Prix Fiction award at the Oslo Pix film festival.

The movie is directed by Adrian Sitaru and it stars Tudor Aaron Istodor. The movie tells the story of a Romanian journalist who works for a French news network. The journalist is confronted with a moral dilemma when he finds out about a sex scandal. He travels to Transylvania with a French TV crew and deals with a case of a young prostitute. The film was inspired by true events.


The movie was praised because it did not satisfy” the spectators’ need to have their own moral point of view confirmed. The film raises questions, but does not try to formulate answers, nor does it claim to possess them.”

The Grand Prix Fiction Award is worth 76,000 NOK and it is given every year to the best nine fiction films. The prize is given in order to encourage the presentation of quality film in the Norway movie market. The Festival is quite new as its first edition was set up this year. The festival centres around documentaries, features and short movies from Europe and North America.









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