Marcel Iures receives a star on the Sibiu Walk of Fame

Marcel Iures received a star on the Sibiu Walk of Fame. Recently Sibiu established a Walk of Fame similarly to the one in Hollywood.

Several other celebrities have received stars on the Walk of Fame: composer Vasile Sirli, movie director Philipe Genty and Rimas Tuminas and director Robert Wilson.


Constantin Chiriac, the president of the International Theatre Festival in Sibiu said that he is proud that the Walk of Fame now has six more stars, in addition to the 24 stars. The stars are located between the two defense walls of the citadel.



He also stated that Marcel Iures  is the artist that founded and developed the first real independent theater in Romania, but he is also the best Romanian actor in Hollywood.

Marcel Iures was happy about the distinction and said that this is the first and the only star that he has. He also stated that he feels good in Sibiu.

The Walk of Fame was created in order to celebrate and recognize the contributions of personalities and a tribute to artists in Sibiu.


So far several celebrities have received stars on this Walk of Fame such as Silviu Purcarete, Tim Robbins and Victor Rebengiuc.









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