Horse race competition event to open at the end of June near Cluj-Napoca

© FOTO: Mircea Rosca /

If you love horse racing, then you are in for a treat. This year there is a horse race competition nearby Cluj, close to Salina Turda.

The competition will be held between June 29- July 2 at the Salina Equines, near Salina Turda. There will be over 200 competitors from Romania and from other countries. The prizes amount to over 50,000 euros.

The competition has different sections, such as Obstacles, Resistance and Horse and Carriage. Special guest Miron Bococi will present a special acrobatics show on Friday and Saturday ( July 1st). The Romanian horse whisperer has an international reputation. The event will also have other shows that involve carousel, spanish training, acrobatics, light show and free training.

The event is family friendly, so this means there will be playgrounds set up and special areas with food and drinks.

There are several other atractive areas in the vecinity such as the worldwide famous Salina Turda, Durgau lakes, Crama La Salina vineyard. You can buy tickets here.


A part of the profits will be donated to the local hospital.



photo source:© FOTO: Mircea Rosca /









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