The Universal Day of Traditional Blouse to be celebrated at Astra museum, Sibiu


24 June marks the universal celebration of the Romanian traditional blouse. You can enjoy the celebration at Museum Astra, Sibiu which organizes a series of events with this theme.

The museum opens the celebration on June 23 and it ends on June 25. There will be plenty of traditional workshops, educational workshops, traditional blouses and traditional products market, bike ridings, traditional blouse presentations and plenty of traditional music.


The Astra Museum representatives stated that the traditional blouse is now trendy all over the world, however many people do not know what it represents. This is why the museum organizes this series of events, to educate people.

The workshops include- how to care for a traditional blouse, how to weave hair and habits of Sanziene. There will also be a special competition in which competitors will present their traditional blouses and say their stories, such as where they come from, how old they are and when they wear the blouse.

The good news is that anyone who wears the traditional blouse will have free entrance to the festival.

The program is:

Friday- book launch, photo exhibits, traditional blouse exhibit, traditional market, workshops.

Saturday- bike riding while wearing a traditional blouse, bike picnic, traditional blouse competition, traditional dances

Sunday- Mike Godoroja and Blue Spirit concert, hora, traditional blouse competition






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