The Universal Day of the Traditional Blouse to be celebrated at the Village Museum in Timisoara

The Universal Day of the Traditional Blouse is celebrated in many cities across Romania, including Timisoara.

In Timisoara the celebration will be held at the Village Museum in the Green Forest in Timisoara.

There will be plenty of activities for everyone. On Saturday, the celebration will being with a series of traditional blouse exhibits, sewing workshops, wood spoons crafting workshops, cooking workshops.


The program of the workshops is as follows:


  • “ colasi” baking workshop
  • modelling “colasi” workshop
  • “nests” modelling worshop
  • “ grandma’s dolls” workshop
  • dressing wooden spoons workshop
  • sewing workshop


Visitors that wear the ia ( traditional blouse) or a traditional costume will be photographed by a professional photographer for free.






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