Tourists can rent bikes for free in Timisoara city starting today

Good news for tourists visiting Timisoara! Now, they are able to rent bikes for free starting today.

Regardless of their nationaltiy tourists will be able to rent bikes using only their ID cards. Dan Diaconu, the deputy mayor of Timisoara stated that



One of the promises we made to tourism operators was that we’ll find solutions so that foreign or Romanian tourists can benefit from the VeloTM bicycle sharing system. After the RATT (e.n. the public transport company in Timisoara) adapted the system, I am happy to announce that, starting July 1, tourists will benefit from this facility under the same conditions as the citizens of Timisoara.


Timisoara has a VeloTM bike sharing system which was implemented in the city thanks to a Europan project which started in 2015. The system has 300 bikes available and they can be rented from 25 stations. The bikes can be rented for up to one hour.

The system seems to be a success as already 19,000 people have used it in Timisoara.


source: romania insider






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