Jazz in the street festival in Cluj to be held all summer long

If you love jazz, you will love this event. In Cluj, starting from June and until November jazz lovers can enjoy a series of musical events. The festival is called Jazz in the Street and it is organized by the people behind Jazz in the Park.

The event comprises of a series of street art representations with local and international musicians. The artists will play around the streets of the city center for four months.

The festival also continues with Jazz in the Park which takes place these days in Cluj. Every Thursday they will organize jazz music shows.

This is the second edition of the festival and last year’s festival seems to have been a success. The locals have loved the atmosphere. Alin Vaida, the founder of the festival stated:

There were many people who came from different cities to discover the old city centre of Cluj and to enjoy the artistic moments that we prepared. We now want to try to do more for the city and for the street artists. This is why this year we will have a summer programme, not just an event. We want this type of street art to become something normal on Cluj’s streets.



The festival has a special guest, Dario Rossi. The musician has become famous online due to his street recordings. He uses unusual objects in his music: spoons, plates, and buckets.






photo source: jazz in the park






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