Romanian woman returns lost wallet with 1000 euros to Italian woman

A 30 year old Romanian woman has proved her honesty when she returned a wallet to the police. The woman has found the money in Albano Laziale, Roma province.

According to local newspaper Castelli Notizie, an Italian woman has forgotten her wallet next to a cash machine in Cavour corso. The wallet had 1000 euros in it and ID documents.

Luckily, Angela, a Romanian woman who works as a carer and maid has taken the wallet and went straight to the police. The wallet has since been returned to the Italian woman. According to the newspaper the police officers were able to find the owner of the wallet quite fast. The owner was a 62 year old woman who works in administration in the government. The woman was very relieved to have her wallet returned. She also asked the police for the Angela’s phone number to thank her for her gesture.




Castelli Notizie

Photo source:By WellingtonM – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, 







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