Cluj city locals encouraged to beautify their windows through competition

A great initiative of beautifying the city of Cluj is taking place. The new project is called The Movement of Cluj with Flowers and it was created in order to encourage Cluj-Napoca locals to beautify their windows, house fronts and porches with flowers.

People that live in blocks of flats are encouraged to use the green spaces in front of the blocks and make them more appealing. The association behind it wants to make Cluj-Napoca a more healthy place to live.

According to many cities accross Europe encourage thei residents to put flowers in the windows in order to beautify the city. The associaiton thus hopes to create a new identity for the city, which would be a city of flowers. The project starts this July and until August they are hoping to have a large number of flowers in balconies and windows.


Local residents but also businesses are asked to go on a website where they can post photos of their flower windows. The same website offers information on the project. The photos are supposed to help prove that the city is indeed changing into a more pleasant and green place. At the end of the summer, judges will award the best window and the best flower balcony. These will be chosen from the photos posted on the website.




The association hopes that this project will turn into a annually tradition.


website of project- orasulfrumos

source article: ilovecluj

photo source: urban-cluj







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