Successful Romanians abroad: dr.Dana Branzei, a molecular biology researcher in Italy

There are many successful Romanians that live abroad. Their stories however rarely reach the media. One of them is Dana Branzei, who is a researcher in molecular biology at the Milano Molecular Oncology Institute.

From time to time, the Romanian online newspaper that writes about the Romanian community living in Italy makes profiles of successful Romanians abroad. Recently, program they interviewed Romanian researcher Dana Branzei.

Ms Branzei has left Romania when she was only 18 years old to study in Japan. She has focused her studies on DNA repair, metabolism processes, and chromosome structure. She has earned her bachelor degree, master, Ph.D. and also did a post-graduate degree. She has also worked on different projects related to premature aging and genomic instability. After studying for 12 years in Japan the researcher has moved to the Molecular Oncology Institute in Milano.

She moved because she though she had the possibility to study something new and useful. She moved in 2005 and only after 2 years she has managed to obtain her own research lab.

There, she has been working for 10 years and she has also managed to win a grant from the European Union through the Orizprogram 2020 . This grant allows her to study the mechanism of replication of the chromosmial DNA.

Ms Branzei stated that she does not research the same subject all the time because things transform, however she was always passionate about DNA testing and about biologic materials that can be repaired.

Although she lives in Italy she still misses home and visits her home country once a year.







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