Young Romanian to become a senator in France

A young Romanian might become a senator in France. The statement comes from French Senator Aline Archimbaud who stated that she will not run for a new seat in the parliament anymore.

The senator believes that Anina Ciuciu, a young Romanian woman of Rroma origin would be the most suitable successor.

Anina Ciuciu, who is 27 years old was born in Craiova and she emigrated with her family to Italy in 1999. They then moved to France where her parents found jobs. She then applied and was accepted at the Sorbonne University in Paris in 2012. For this reason, she became famous in the international media. At 23 years old she was already publishing books in French and has become a French citizen. Ms. Ciuciu has then launched a book entitled” I am and will always be a gypsy”.








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