Romanian movie “Marita” wins East of the West award at Czech Film Festival

Romanian movie “Marita” has won the East of the West- FEDEORA award at the International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary.

The movie was directed by Cristi Iftimie and focuses on the story of a Romanian family’s complicated relationships. The movie is also considered as a road movie and the Dacia car is viewed as a character in the story.  Alexandru Potocean and Adrian Titieni played the main parts. A review by says:

Right from the first sequence, Iftime’s penchant for long, perfectly rehearsed takes is obvious. Aided by DoP Luchian Ciobanu’s assured, unobtrusive horizontal pannings, Iftime brings life and motion to otherwise static scenes, letting the characters move around and interact with each other. But Mariţa is also a road movie, and some of the film’s most fascinating sequences develop as Mariţa swallows kilometres on her path among the snow-capped Romanian mountains. One of these sequences, a nine-minute-long take, is especially impressive.


Romania participates with several movies in the largest movie festival in the East of Europe: Breaking News, Marita, Tarzan’s eggs.

Breaking News movie directed by Iulia Regina has already won an award. The event has special guests such as actress Uma Thurman and Casey Affleck who won the Oscar this year.




source: kviff






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