Romanian sports commentator enters the Guinness World Records for the 9th time


Romanian sports presenter Ilie Dobre has entered the World Record Book for the 9th time. His World Record is for the longest goal shout without breathing. The record is for 52 seconds and 3 milliseconds.

The presenter works for Radio Romania Actualitati. The commenter has several world records for the same goal shout: one for 35 seconds and 6 milliseconds, one for 31 seconds and 27 milliseconds, one for a minute and 8 seconds with only one breath and 42 seconds with breathing.

The sports commentator also has the highest number of published books. In 2014 he has won several awards: “the most successful radio sports person in the world” and ” The man of the year in the Media”. Ilie Dobre was also awarded in 2007 by the president with the Merit Order. He was given the title of Knight.








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