Romanian priest takes 120 poor children on a summer holiday

A priest from Iasi city has taken 120 poor children in a summer camp. The priest has managed to organize the holiday thanks to donations and people on Facebook. The priest has chosen 120 poor children with good results in school. Many of them have never been to the sea and have seen it only on TV.

According to the priest organizes charitable events quite often. The priest has decided to help these children and has posted his wish on Facebook. He stated that he had to negotiate the prices for the camp and he even negotiated pizza prices and he bargained for mattresses. He also went through a supermarket to buy sweets to the children. He said on Facebook:

If you ask me if this adventure was worth it, I will tell you, without hesitation, a thousand times: YES!! Yes for the children’s joy when they saw the sea and when they bathed in the sea! Yes, for the children who went to bed fed, clean and in 4 star beds! Yes because never ever these deserts and refreshments tasted so good!

Yes because the aquarium, ponies, the terraces, the hora dances, the movies and..the disco do not only belong to rich kids from Costinesti and Mamaia! Even if I eat only mamaliga and onion for a whole year and I will wear the same pair of sock and I will use the same used toothbrush every year, as long as God will allow me, I will be with them and with their brothers who will come to the sea.



The priest facebook page- Damaschin








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