Romania wins four medals at international yachting competition

We often hear about Romanians winning medals in gymnastics, volleyball, and canoe, however, we almost never hear about Romanians excelling in yachting.

Last weekend Romanians have proved however that there are high chances that they are going to make history in the sports of yachting.

Three competitions were organized last weekend at the Black Sea in Marina Eforie Nord and sportsmen from Romania, Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, and Moldova have participated. Romanians have won several medals at the Laser Europa Cup International competition, the Laser Standard National Championship, and the Optimist Black Sea Cup.


Romanians won the gold and silver at the Laser Standard competition. The gold and silver medal winners were Tarkan Bolat and Andrei Zitti, another gold medal was secured by Maximilian Rosca and a bronze medal was taken by Razvan Pislaru. In the Junior section, in the male category, the winners were Mihai Andronic, Costa Verioti and Andreas Boicenco. At the girl’s category, Iris Resit and Sara-Nicole Stan won the first two places and the third was taken by Ariana Teodora Patrascu.

Tarkan Bolat and Andrei Zitti also won the first and second place at the Laser Standard National Championship.









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