Romanian app beats 900 apps and wins Facebook competition

A Romanian application has won a Facebook competition. The app was created by Romanian start-up ATI Studios and it is led by Alexandru Iliescu and Tudor Iliescu from Brasov.

The two brothers have invented an application for language learning. The app called Mondly was considered the most successful application in Europe, the Middle East and Africa by Facebook.

900 applications from 87 countries have participated in the FBStart Apps of the Year, a contest which awards the most innovative applications.

The application was first launched in 2014. It has been downloaded by 20 million people from 190 countries. Last year the Romanian startup has launched the first chatbot for language learning which is now part of the application. The startup has also launched a learning application in virtual reality. The app combines artificial intelligence with voice recognition. The app is available in 30 languages.


The startup behind Mondly was really happy about the award. They stated in their blog:

The main reasons for receiving this prestigious award 🏆 from Facebook are:

  • our rapid growth to over 20 million app downloads from 190 countries making us one of the most popular language apps in the world
  • the 33 languages people can learn with Mondly
  • the Chatbot technology we developed in the last 12 months and
  • the first Virtual Reality app with speech recognition in the world that we launched a few months ago. Featured by Oculus Store, our VR apphas caught the attention of the mass media and the imagination of learners across the globe.











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