Romanian students obtain highest grade at Italian national exams

Two Romanians have managed to obtained 100 points out of 100 at the Italian national exams.

Cosmin Siea and Tudor Haja have graduated from two prestigious high schools in Parma. They were born in Romania but they have been living in Italy all their lives. Only four students in the area have managed to get these results.

The students have been examined on the subject of platonic utopia and Quantic biology. Cosmin Siea, in particular, has beat even his Italian school mates as he was the only one to receive the maximum grade for all the national exam subjects. Tudor has become known in the Italian press because everyone was impressed by his results at the Biology national olympiad.

Both students want to continue their studies at medicine universities in Italy.

The two students often get involved in community activities and they have recently participated in presenting Romanian foods to the local communities at the Multicultural festival in Collechio.








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