This amazing Franciscan monk cares for 5000 orphans

Franciscan monk Bojte Csaba has helped over 5,000 children in 25 years. The man has become a monk after his father died because he was tortured during the communist era.

Bojte Csaba has given up his fortune to help abandoned children. According to digitv the priest said that there were many abandoned children. He noticed a large number of children begging while he was attending mass every Sunday. He said that he took them by the hand and went to see where they came from. There he was horrified to see where they lived. Since then he asked also the poor families to come and dine at his house.

He became well known for his good deeds and more children who have heard about him went to his foundation in Deva. Children asked him if they can sign in in the orphanage. Since then the priest has set up 65 orphanage centres in which 2100 girls and boys live.

According to digitv, the director of the SainFrancisc foundation said that many children used to be in the streets and now they are learning in these orphanages how to be responsible for their own lives.

The orphanages function thanks to donations and Bojte Csaba is working hard to raise money for them. He needs to travel in different countries in order to raise funds. He has managed thanks to donations to also buy several flats for the children.

His work has brought him international recognition. In 2011 the European Parliament has given Bojte Csaba the award of European Citizen.

photo by: youdidnotknow







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