13 year old teenager invents app that gives you information on Romanian doctors

A 13-year-old teenager has invented an application that offers information about the doctors in Bucharest.

The application is called Bucharest Hospitals and it has been already downloaded by 30,000 people. The app gives out information about the hospitals and doctors and users are able to post reviews. Users can also call the emergency through the app.

The app also allows users to look for hospitals that have certain specialty sections such as cardiology. The app gives out the address and directions to the hospital as well as a phone number.

According to Digi TV some users were surprised to find out that the app was invented by a 13 year old child. The creator of the app, Alexandru Talnaci is quite passionate about IT and at the early age of 5 he was already installing Windows on his own computer. Now he is working with Sony Vegas and Adobe Premier. He said that it was quite easy for him to learn by watching youtube videos and reading specialty books. His father though said that he does not understand anything that his son does.

Alexandru has also participated with his app in an international competition called InfoMatrix2017 and the app has won the silver medal. He was the youngest competitor and the only one who prepared without a teacher.

The boy has invented two more applications such as InfoOltenita and TangDuinul.

source: digi24






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