Abandoned twins find their mother after 26 years thanks to Facebook page

After 26 years twins Ionut and Ciprian have finally met their mother. After 5 years of searching they have come to meet her in Romania.

The mother has abandoned them since they were only babies and they were left at the orphanage. Ionut has come from Malta to meet his family.

According to observator.tv the mother said that she felt guilty but she did not have sufficient income to raise two children. The boys said that they are not upset with their mother but that they have lived a terrible life at the orpganage where they lived for nine years.

Ionut said that he was constantly beaten up every day without reason. They were lucky and after 9 years a family from Malta adopted them. However, they always wondered about their family in Romania. Thanks to a Facebook page called “The never forgotten Romanian children” they have managed to find their family.

According to observator.tv 170,000 children were living in orphanages in Romania in the ’90. 30,000 children were adopted and some of them try to find their long lost families in Romania.






source: observator.ro

Facebook page of Never forgotten Romanian Children






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