These genius twins have amazed Romania

These Romanian twins have amazed the whole country with their intelligence. Adrian and Alexandru Ariton, both 13 have won the gold medal at this years’ National Math Olympiad. They are both in the 7th grade at the Unirea Collegelllege in Focsani, Vrancea county.

According to Adevarul newspaper, the twins are passionate about Math. This passion started when they were only three years old. They said that since they were children they used to ask their mom questions and if she was not able to answer they would look up in their books. Their questions were not easy though. One of the first questions they asked was if there are more numbers to the left of zero. They also asked why zero is a lonely number and does not have friends with a minus.

Alexandru said that he is aware that the Olympiad medals are not important but what you can achieve with math.

Although they are currently in the 7th grade they often go to 9th-grade classes to learn. The math teacher has brought them along to his vectorial geometry classes and they also gave a test.  They are so passionate about math that sometimes when there is a problem they can’t solve, they spend days and nights to solve it.

The school truly appreciates them as they have been chosen the students of the year in their college and they have received a double t-shirt as a prize. The twins are not only good at math, but they are passionate about other subjects such as IT, geography and astronomy. Alexandru, for example, has learned 11 alphabets, including the Greek and Arab alphabet.







source: Adevarul






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