Romanian painter to exhibit art in France

Romanian painter Cristian Sida’s art will be exhibited at an institution in Aubusson in France.

The painting was created using acrylic, spray, varnish, PVC, and aluminum. The painting will be shown at the Tourism Office in Aubusson. The painting was also present in the Arbres exhibit along with other art creations from artists from 15 countries.

The painter was invited to exhibit by Michel Moine, the mayor of Aubusson. The exhibition was organized last weekend. French officials and artists from all over the world were present.

Cristian Sida has been working in France for several years and he has exhibited his works all over the world. He has worked on different art projects and in the last three years, he has also created a series of mural paintings for several buildings in France such as the buildings in Mericourt, The Nord Pas de Calais region, within the Louvre project.


 Cristian Sida also has a Ph.D. in visual arts and he has studied at Sorbonne in Paris. He also teaches at the Art and Design University in Timisoara.







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