New American movie starring Armand Assante filmed in Romanian village

A Romanian village was the main location for an American movie starring Armand Assante. “The Wanderers” was filmed entirely in Biertan and it focuses on the story of Louis, played by Armand Assante, a ghost, and vampire hunter.

Louis together with a journalist arrives in the Transylvanian village to investigate a mysterious case that took place in Zalesky castle.

A Romanian girl, played by Raluca Aprodu, is their guide. The guide also cares for a group of Koreans who are searching for sensational ideas for a reality show. The movie also stars Razvan Vasilescu who played alongside Assante in a previous movie called California Dreamin. The movie also stars Oana Marcu, Alexandra Apetrei, Pali Vecsei, George Remes, Bogdan Nechifor, Claudiu Bleont and Bosnian actor Branko Duric. The movie will be shown on August 11 in Biertan village. Special guest includes the movie team.






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