This Romanian National College was awarded by Oxford University for high quality education

This Romanian National College has won one of the most prestigious awards in the world. Oxford University has awarded the AT Laurian National College in Botosani. The award, entitled European Quality Award is given to educational institutions that demonstrate excellence in quality management.

The prize was given by the Council of the Academic Union in Oxford in a forum in which 200 countries have participated.

This award was first given in 1992 and it has many levels, including the educational one. The forum has three sections, such as business, medicine, and educational management. In the educational management, the only high school in Romania to be nominated and also awarded was the AR Laurian National College in Botosani. The directors of the college, Mihaela Prajinariu and Ioan Onofrei participated in the ” Quality in Education: Trends, Strategies, Practices” section. The award was given not only for the quality of management but also for its reputable regional image in the education and science field and for being a high-quality educational source.

The Botosani college has proved many times that it offers high-quality education, as this is the second year that it receives the title of European School and in the last three years it has 44 projects and activities at European level. All the college’s students have also managed to pass the national baccalaureate exams.

The AT Laurian National College was founded in 1859 and several local personalities, including Nicolae Iorga have studied there.



source: greatnews.






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