Romanian expats in UK help poor child from Dambovita

A group of Romanians who live in the UK has decided to help a poor boy who lives in Dambovita. The Give & Help association have asked the help of a Facebook group called Passionates Auto UK. The members of the group have helped the boy by renovating his home and donating furniture.

They have also taken the responsibility to help the boy on a monthly basis.

Vasilica was living in the same room with his parents in really bad conditions.

In one month the group has renovated the room and has furnished it. Since then, Vasilica went out for a pizza for the first time in his life, he received new clothes and toys. The room where he lives was painted, tiles and also wooden floors were set up, the doors were changed and the family received a fridge and a cooker.


The group has also given Vasilica a tablet and a bike.










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