Romanian student wins World Microsoft Word championship

Another Romanian has won another IT competition. Tiberiu Danciu, who is only 18 has won the title of Microsoft Word champion. The competition entitled World Microsoft Office Specialist 2017 was held in Anaheim, California, U.S.A.

560,000 students from 49 countries have competed and 156 have reached the finals. It took Tiberiu only 20 minutes to finish the exam. According to Digi TV Tiberiu’s performance was unexpected as Romania was not among the favourite countries in the competition.

Tiberiu Danciu has two international MS Office certifications. He has previously become a champion after he obtained a perfect score at the national selection- 1000 points out of 1000, which he managed to do in only 11 minutes. He said

I was expecting to win something, maybe a third or second place, but …wow! At the award ceremony when I saw that I am not on the 3rd place and not on the 2nd, I said it can’t be the first place. I sat down on my chair. I don’t know who was sitting next to me, I think a boy from Mexico. I said nah, it can’t be me…and it was indeed me!



source: digi






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