Romanian students win NASA competition


Several students from three Constanta high schools have won the NASA competition held in Florida this year. The competition called“24th Annual International Space Settlement Design Competition” took place at the Kennedy Space Center.

The nine students were part of an international team and they had to work on a project that aims to build a human settlement on Venus. The team, called Grumbo Aerospace was formed of students from US, China, and India and they had only three days to finish the project.

The students who participated in this competition are: Mellis Ali from Mihai Eminescu National College, Oana Diaconescu from Traian Highschool, Cristian-Ionut Butoi, Andrei- Antonio Carapcea, Ioan- Daniel Craciun, Alexandra-Florina Iamandii, Mihnea-Vlad Moga, Larina-Goergiana Olteanu and Andrei Sebastian Rotaru from Mircea Cel Batran national college.

The idea behind the contest is that NASA wants to explore developing colonies inhabited by humans on different planets. The environment on Venus is very unpopular and the conditions had to be thought by very smart students. 240 students from different countries have participated in this competition.





source: romania insider







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