Robots help Romanian sick children go to school

A Romanian NGO is helping children suffering from cancer live their lives with the help of robots.

According to the association helps children who have remained isolated socially. Due to the disease, young people do not have the chance to live a normal life and they miss many important moments. The association has chosen to use robots, such as the AV1 to help them communicate with other people and to virtually walk on the streets of Cluj and also to visit the Untold festival.


The Little People Association has helped one patient called Alexandru, 15 who has to spend his time at the Oncological Institute in Bucharest. Since he was diagnosed, Alex had to spend time in hospitals and has become quite isolated socially. The robot has helped him talk with other cancer survivors, to visit his school and talk to his schoolmates by handling the robot directly from the hospital bed.


Alex had control completely over the robot thanks to an app that can be used in real time. The association wants to offer a robot to each pediatric oncology department. The children would be able to borrow it and use it. The robot could help children continue their study in school. The association currently has 5 robots which were borrowed from Norway.











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