People form human chain to save sisters from drowning in Eforie Nord

Two sisters who went in the sea yesterday were saved by people on the beach by forming a human chain. The incident happened on a beach in Eforie Nord seaside resort and the media noted that the red flag was set on the beach to warn people to not go inside the sea.

The two teenagers, one being 15 and one 16 went into the sea on Wednesday afternoon, ignoring the red flag. The sea was agitated and there were large waves and very strong currents. Therefore, the sisters were not able to go back to the shore. Several people on the beach saw them and they went into the sea to help them. They decided to form a human chain and they held on to the sisters until the life guards jumped in to save them.

The sisters were under shock, however they are out of danger.

The whole event was filmed by a person on the beach.







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