Romania’s first automatic dog wash opens in Cluj-Napoca


The first automatic dogwash in Romania just opened in Cluj. The service allows dog owners to wash them and dry them in the best conditions.

The idea belongs to a group of Cluj residents who thought about helping dog owners who find washing their dogs a difficult task. This automatic machine allows dog owners to bathe their dogs without needing a person to supervise or help them. The machine is intuitive as it gives visual and audio indications on how to wash the dog step by step. This way, people learn quite easily how to use it.

The machine offers instructions in different languages such as Romanian, Hungarian, English and German.

The shampoos that the machine uses are also eco and they respect the european standards.

According to Transylvania Reporter, the three residents said

 People don’t know yet what an automatic professional dog wash is. They think that all they need to do is introduce the animal in a machine and he will come out dry. But it’s not like that. In this case, the owner of the dog can wash it as long as he wants. The client has six options on the digital screen and depending on the option he chooses, he can access shampoo and water, conditioner, delousing solution and air dryer. We all know that washing a dog in a flat bathroom is difficult and this is why we invested in the machine.


The investors are optimistic and so far it looks like they received a lot of positive feedback and people love the machine as pet grooming saloons are quite expensive.



source: transilvania reporter






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