This talented Romanian creates characters and creatures for the American movie industry

This young man from Cluj-Napoca creates movie characters and game characters in his own apartment. He is currently on high demand as many movie producers are asking him to create characters to be used in science fiction movies.

His name is George Brad and he is only 24 years old. He discovered a passion for drawing when he was a child. When he grew up he thought about earning a living from it and this has determined him to publish them on the internet.

His life changed when he read an interview with a movie producer who talked about the life of an artist within the movie and the game industry. George was not aware until then that he could do something with his drawings. Since then, he has improved his technique by self study.

His talent was discovered by many companies who produce movies and video games. According to TVR he stated that his biggest achievement so far is working with a movie studio from California. He had to create illustrations for a movie that will be in the theatres the following years.

Now George creates new characters, locations and buildings from scratch on his own computer. He plans in the future to set up his own company in Cluj-Napoca and to hire more talented people. You can check out his beautiful drawings on Artstation


source: tvr






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